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You should refer to the Account Opening Agreement on this Website for more detailed information about the Raiz product.

Why Raiz?

What is Raiz?

Raiz is a financial service App, helping you to save and invest your money. We enable Malaysians to start early, invest often, and reach their financial goals. Raiz in Malaysia is a partnership between Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) and Raiz Invest Australia Limited. In Australia, Raiz is listed on the stock exchange and has over 200,000 customers since 2016.

How does Raiz work?

Raiz helps you proactively invest into Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad (ASNB)’s unit trust funds. These funds are not given a Syariah compliant status by the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC), however the local Islamic councils, both at state and federal level, considers them to be “permissible”.

One key feature is round-ups; we round up each of your transactions to the nearest Ringgit, and invest the change into a diversified portfolio. Simply connect a debit card and provide us with some basic information. We will recommend you a portfolio to invest based on the information which you provide to us.

Raiz offers other great ways of investing besides round-ups. You may invest a lump sum amount by entering the desired amount on the Invest screen of the app. You may also set up recurring investments on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

For several months, Raiz will only work with a Maybank account. Maybank and Raiz have worked extensively together to ensure the highest level of security for the App.

What makes Raiz different?

A personalised investment portfolio, no account minimums, no commissions, and fractional investing – all in your pocket. Raiz wants to make investing more accessible for everyone, and at the same time give you a service which makes saving and investing easy.

Opening an account

What do I need to get started?

After you’ve installed the free Raiz app, all you’ll need to start investing is:

  • Link your Spending Account to monitor your spending for round-up opportunities
  • Link your Funding Account to fund all your investments
  • Link your Withdrawal Account to receive all your withdrawals
What’s involved in the signup process?

We’ve kept the signup process as painless as possible. Simply provide your email address, choose a secure password, link a Spending Account, Funding Account as well as a Withdrawal Account, and answer a few questions about yourself. Once that’s done, we will verify your account as soon as we can.

What is account verification?

Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act (AMLATFPUAA) 2001 obliges institutions such as Raiz to identify and verify a customer’s identity. Therefore, we ask for some basic information (full name, home address, etc.) for your account verification. We will verify your account as quickly as we can once we have this information. Therefore, it’s very important that you enter information accurately. If we have trouble verifying your information we'll reach out to you.

Please note that your money will not be invested until your identity is verified.

You can be sure that Raiz will take care of any information you provide and that our procedures will be in accordance with our Privacy Policy

Is there a minimum age requirement to open an account?

You must be at least 18 years old and a Malaysian citizen to open an account with Raiz.

Is there a minimum investment amount required to open an account?

No, Raiz has no minimum account balance requirement to open an account, but in order for you to start investing into your recommended portfolio, your investment must amount to at least RM5. This is also conveniently done through our round-up process; each time you make a purchase, those rounds-ups accumulate towards the RM5 threshold.

What happens if I delete the Raiz App from my device, or get a new phone?

Raiz operates in the cloud and your account and investments are safe even if you delete the App or get a new phone or device. When you login from a new device, a security alert will be sent to your email.

Your automatic round-ups and recurring deposits will still be processed even if the Raiz app is not currently installed.

Can I withdraw my money or close my account at any time?

Yes, you can withdraw your money anytime through the app or you can close your account anytime by using the email contact, help@raiz.com.my or by calling the Customer Experience team to receive assistance in the account closure. Please note that uninstalling the app does not close your investment account or cancel any pending/scheduled transactions.

My investment portfolio

How is my investment portfolio determined?

The answers that you provide during the sign-up process will be used to determine your risk profile. The algorithm used by Raiz will then recommend a portfolio to invest based on your risk profile.

Raiz has constructed and offers you the choice of 3 portfolios, consisting of Conservative (low risk), Moderate (medium risk) and Aggressive (high risk) – please refer to the Account Opening Agreement for more information.

What is my investment portfolio? What do I own?

Your investment portfolio is comprised of unit trust funds. The funds in your portfolio may include asset classes such as bonds, shares, cash and commodities.

Unit holders do not own the securities in the portfolio directly. Ownership of the fund is divided into units of entitlement. As the fund increases or decreases in value, the value of each unit increases or decreases accordingly. The number of units held depends on the unit purchase price at the time of investment and the amount of money invested.

Can I change my portfolio?

Yes. If you change your mind at any point, you have the option to switch to a portfolio which has not been recommended to you. As each portfolio carries different levels of risk, please note that you may be exposed to risks that are below or above your risk tolerance if you change your portfolio. Your new portfolio will be changed within 7 business days. No fees will be charged for portfolio switching.

Can I invest in individual stocks, bonds or other securities of my choice through Raiz, or opt out of some of Raiz’ investments?

You cannot opt out of any of the unit trust funds in Raiz’s portfolio, nor of the stocks, bonds or securities of which the unit trust funds are comprised. You also do not have the option of choosing to invest in other stocks, bonds, or other securities or currency.

Is there risk involved in my investment?

Yes. The securities you own are subject to market fluctuations. This is why we advocate long-term investment goals. For more information about our investment methodology and risks associated with each investment please refer to the relevant sections of the Account Opening Agreement on our website.

What are unit trusts?

Unit trusts are a form of collective investment that allows investors with similar investment objectives to pool their funds to be invested in a portfolio of securities or other assets.

What is automatic rebalancing?

Automatic rebalancing is Raiz’s method of maintaining your specific portfolio allocation. Market fluctuations may cause some of the securities in your portfolio to appreciate or depreciate in value. When this occurs, we use automatic rebalancing to bring your portfolio back to its specified allocation. This ensures that the securities in your investment account are proportioned correctly.

How does Raiz rebalance my portfolio?

Raiz automatically rebalances your portfolio as you invest. Every time you deposit or withdraw funds, we adjust the proportions of the unit trust funds purchased to move your account towards its target portfolio allocation.

We also periodically review, typically on a monthly basis, and rebalance your portfolio whenever the percentage holding of one or more funds fluctuates 5% above or below its target allocation. We sell overrepresented funds and use the proceeds to buy underrepresented funds to bring your portfolio towards its target allocation.

Rebalancing also occurs whenever you request to change your portfolio. We adjust the allocation of each fund to match the new risk profile. We sell overrepresented funds and use the proceeds to buy underrepresented funds to bring your portfolio in line with its new target allocation. This rebalancing occurs within 7 business days of a portfolio change request.

Won’t I earn distributions from my portfolio?

Yes, you will! Your distributions will be automatically reinvested in your portfolio. You can view your distribution history through the Raiz app.

How often do I earn dividends and distributions?

The unit trust funds that make up your portfolio pay distributions, if any, at the end of each financial year.

As for ASNB funds, for more information on these unit trust funds i.e. its financial year end and distribution history, please refer to the ASNB’s Product page.

How do I cancel pending transactions?

Deposits that have been initiated cannot be cancelled. You may withdraw your money a soon as it has been invested and is reflected in your Raiz Investment Account.

In order to cancel pending withdrawals, please visit the “Past” tab on the home page and find the transaction that you would like to cancel. Select the pending transaction and tap the “Cancel transaction” button to stop that transaction. Please note that once the pending period has completed, you will not be able to cancel the transaction as your units have already been sold and in the process to your Withdrawal Account.

Is Raiz Shari'ah-compliant?

Please check out our write-up here on this.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Can I withdraw my money whenever I want?

Yes, you can withdraw money from your Raiz account at any time. This will up to 7 business days to process before the funds become available in your account.

How long does it take for my deposit to be invested and reflected on the Raiz app?

It will take up to 7 business days for your deposit to be invested and reflected on your app. These funds will be shown as “transferring” during this time period.

Is there a limit to how much money I can invest at one time?

You can invest a maximum RM20,000 at one time, subject to maximum Purchase Limit of your debit card.

Is there any limit to how much I can withdraw at one time?

No. There is no maximum limit to what you can withdraw at one time. However, the minimum withdrawal is RM5

Can I change my funding account?

Yes. If you wish to change your Funding Account, you must first unlink your current Funding Account, then change to a new one. Note that you can only have one Funding Account at a time.

Please contact the Customer Experience team for help.

Can I change my withdrawal account?

Yes. If you wish to change your Withdrawal Account, please contact the Customer Experience team. Please note that changing your Withdrawal Account will require us to verify your identity, and this could take up to 2 business days.

Why is my transaction shown as “failed”?

It could be due to insufficient funds or you have exceeded your debit card’s maximum purchase limit. If the transaction is shown as “failed”, nothing is charged to your bank card. We advise you to check with your bank for the failed transaction.

Does Raiz store my bank card information on their servers?

Please note that we do not store your card information. We take card data security very seriously, and we do not have access to your card information. We use Infinitium (https://www.infinitium.com/) to securely handle card information. Infinitium is a validated Level 1 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI­DSS) compliant service provider.

What banks and cards can I link to my Raiz account?

At the moment, you can only link your Maybank debit card to your Raiz account.

How do I protect my Raiz account?

We recommend that you keep your Raiz account secure by always logging out after use. In fact, we automatically log you out of the app after periods of inactivity and require you to enter your passcode to get back on. Additionally, you should choose a difficult-to-guess password and store it in a secure location.

My account has been locked due to suspicious activity. How can I get it unlocked?

For your security, we require that you contact the Customer Experience team in order to unlock your account. Note that this will require the confirmation of some personal information. Please visit the bottom of this page to reach our Customer Experience team.

Taxes and Fees

Do I have to pay taxes on money I make through my Raiz account?

Interest income, in general, are tax exempted at the unit trust level. So investors who receive a distribution of such tax exempt income will not be subject to income tax.

Gains from disposal of investments by the unit trust fund is not subject to tax. The distribution of gains from such disposals is tax exempt in the hands of the unit holders.

Gains realised by the investor on the sale of the unit trusts are also tax exempted.

Dividend income received by the fund is subject to tax, and the investors receive the distributions net of tax.

How do Raiz make money?

Raiz is completely free to download. Once an account is opened, there are no fees on RM0 balances and after that we only charge RM1.50 per month for accounts with a balance under RM6,000 and 0.30% per year (charged monthly, computed daily), for accounts with a balance of RM6,000 and over.

How and when does Raiz receive its fee?

A monthly account fee of RM1.50 is payable if your Raiz Investment Account has a value of less than RM6,000 at the end of each month. This fee is to cover the cost of administering your Raiz Investment Account. The fee will be charged to your debit card nominated under your Funding Account.

If your Raiz Investment Account has a value of RM6,000 and more at the end of the month, the fee payable is 0.30% per annum of the Raiz Investment Account balance which will be charged to your Raiz Investment Account.

The monthly account fee will be charged to you no later than 7th day of the following month.

Are there withdrawal fees?

No. It is always free to move money in and out of your Raiz account.

Will I be charged a fee if I have a RM0 balance?

No, there are no fees on RM0 balances.


Where does the round-up money come from?

Round-up funds come from the Funding Account that you connect as a funding source for Raiz. For example, if you spend RM3.60 using your bank card, then that RM0.40 will eventually come out of your Funding Account when the round-ups add up to RM5.00 or your selected threshold.

How do I set automatic round-ups?

Automatic round-ups can be turned on and off by going to the home page, to “Invest”, to “Round-Ups”, to the cog symbol on the top-right once, and then again.

Can I still use round-ups without making them automatic?

No. If automatic round-ups are turned off, you will not be able to use the round-up feature.

Is there a limit on the number of cards I can use for round-ups?

Yes. For now, you can only link one card to your Spending Account.

Will there be a round-up on even amounts of money?

Yes, even amounts will round up an entire Ringgit. For example, if you spend RM5.00 using your bank card, that transaction will be rounded up to RM6.00.

What happens if my linked card is lost or stolen?

Your account with Raiz is not at risk if your linked card is lost or stolen. However, we recommend that you change the card from your Raiz account. This can be done by going to “My Settings”, and then to “Spending Account”.