Where can you invest to make big profit, and fast? We will tell you.

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Sorry, unfortunately there’s no one legit answer here.

But for sure, fast and big profit – this is confirm scam.

The best way to invest your money is the way that works best for you. To figure that out, you’ll want to consider your investing style, your budget, and your risk tolerance.


  1. Do you have time to do lots of homeworks to research stocks? To perform some basic investment analysis? Above all, do you even have the interest?
    Or let it be like an airplane on autopilot. You’ll still get good results over the long run, and the effort required is far less. It’s you putting your money to work in investment vehicles where someone else does the hard work. Unit trust funds, or robo-advisor investing like Raiz, is an example of this.


  1. How much money do you have to invest?
    You may think you need a large sum of money to start, but you can begin investing with just RM5 (at least with Raiz!)

    Here’s the point. The amount of money you’re starting with isn’t the most important thing. The big question is to invest frequently over time, regardless of whether or not you are financially ready (because yourself would tell you that you never will!) and focus on the long term and aren’t just looking for short-term gains.


  1. How much financial risk are you willing to take?
    Not all investments will be successful. Each type of investment – like stocks, unit trust, real estate, gold – has its own level of risk, but this risk is often correlated with returns. Generally, the higher the risk, the higher the (potential) return!

    Robo-advisor like Raiz provides solution for new beginners to formulate an investment plan that meets your risk tolerance and financial goals. We will construct and maintain a portfolio of many types of investments designed to maximize your potential return while keeping your risk level appropriate for your needs.


  1. The bottom line on investing is…
    Investing money may seem intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before. However, if you figure out how you want to invest, how much money you should invest, and your risk tolerance, you’ll be well positioned to make smart decisions with your money – that will serve you well for decades to come.


Hope that helps your understanding in investing smart.


Keep in mind that past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future performance.

Raiz is about helping you save & invest regularly – even with small amounts so you can keep the momentum going. Being able to save 5% of your salary every month is better than earning a 5% return. Having a disciplined savings habit can help improve your financial position quicker (than spending time choosing the best fund manager).


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