THREE things you need to know this week (weekly ended 19/09/2023)

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Sharing some Investing and Economic insights:

Oil prices hit a 10-month high and closer to US$95 a barrel mainly driven by supply curbs from the OPEC+ countries like Saudi Arabia and Russia.

  • Investor interest in oil and gas (O&G) stocks has gained further momentum, thanks to the rising prices. This trend will likely continue till the end of this year, as the bullish sentiment continues on the possibility of the crude oil prices hitting US$100 a barrel in the coming months.


A household comprising a couple with two children would require at least S$6,693 to afford a basic standard of living in Singapore – MIS 2023 report.

  • For a comparison, the living wage for a couple with two children in Malaysia would be RM6,500.


Malaysia records RM132.6b approved investment in first half of 2023 – 60% of its full year target.

  • 47% of it are from foreign direct investment (FDI) with top 3 are from Singapore with approved investments totalling RM13.7 billion, followed by Japan (RM9.1 billion) and the Netherlands (RM9 billion).


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Do you know? MERDEKA edition

50 Sen

Malaysia has a total of three coin series.

The background of the 50 Sen has fine lines which are important security components. As can be seen in the pictures, the hidden image of the denomination 50 Sen can be seen when the coin is tilted slightly.


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