The Raiz Philosophy – Investing Small Amounts Regularly

What is Raiz Philosophy? (Ringgit Cost Averaging) 

The Raiz Philosophy is to invest small amounts regularly. While this can’t eliminate market uncertainty, the Raiz Philosophy can help manage it, and at the same time help you learn about the markets, build financial confidence or just save and invest in the background of life. 

This is the well-known investment strategy, Ringgit Cost Averaging. Raiz automates the strategy and does it more frequently, with the average Raiz customer investing at least once a week. By investing small amounts regularly, the Raiz philosophy protects your investments from emotion. If prices go up, you buy fewer of the now more expensive shares and, if they go down, you buy more of the now cheaper shares. It’s an automated, disciplined approach to investing for the long term. 

Studies suggest that losses are twice as powerful, psychologically, as gains, leading this type of investment mindset to be more likely to make the mistake of needlessly selling holdings and switching to cash in a down market. By avoiding the media hype or fear in picking the ‘right time’ through regular contributions, investors can avoid both the euphoric and depressive investment traps. 

On average a Raiz customer saves RM150 a month with the average balance of a customer is RM1,250. 


In 2007, Buffett bet a New York hedge fund $1 million that his simple, low-cost investing strategy would outperform the hedge fund industry over 10 years. And he won. 

Stick to your savings plan and invest small amounts regularly, no matter the market condition. By protecting your investments from emotion, the Raiz Philosophy is one of the keys to helping you and our community to better reach your financial goals and enable a healthier balance over the long term. 

Remember: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” 


Any returns shown or implied in this article are not forecasts and are not reliable guides of future performance. 


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