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At Raiz, our easy investment philosophy is to save & invest small amounts regularly, regardless of market situation.


Why? This will help you to ride the market’s ups and downs in a smarter way. You would have purchased more shares when prices were low so it will be more rewarding for you when the market recovers (because eventually, over the long-term, the market will go up again!). This is a well-known investment strategy, known as Ringgit Cost Averaging.

And also, it helps you get away with emotional investing. This happened to us all — you know, when stock market goes down, you feel frustrated, so you sell all your investment at lower price instead of “buy low, sell high” while it is actually the opportunity to buy more assets at a lower price!


Raiz helps you to automate these strategies – saving your spare change from your everyday purchase, easy setup of recurring investment daily / weekly / monthly.

Raiz is about helping you save & invest more – managed to save 2% of your salary is better than earning 2% return. We don’t promote ourselves as the best fund manager because we believe regular disciplined savings can help improve your financial position in the long run far quicker than choosing the best fund manager.


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