The Raiz-opaedia of Financial Language (D to F)


Hey guys! We’re back with Raiz-opaedia – now in part 2! In part 1 (thanks to the many readers!), we’ve covered the alphabet A, B and C.  

Let’s continue with investment and financial words that start with D to F. 


Part 2 (D to F): 


When starting up, a company needs capital to run its business. The capital is given by investors and in return, the company gives the investor shares of the company. For this reason, the investor is also called a shareholder. 

Over time, the performance of the company improves and makes profit, it gives back some of the profit, or dividend to the shareholders of the company. 



The main stock market index on Bursa Malaysia. It tracks the performance of 30 largest companies by market capitalization listed on the Main Board of the Bursa Malaysia. The index provides a good overview of the overall market performance. 


FinTech Startup companies 

Financial + Technology = FinTech

A young company that integrates innovative technology to deliver financial services products. For example; Raiz, Boost and Touch ‘n Go. 


Fiscal deficit 

Money out > Money in = Fiscal Deficit 

Negative balances that arise whenever a government spends more money than it earns during the fiscal year. It is also the difference between a government’s total revenue and total expenditure. 


Fiscal Policy

Changing the tax rate and level of government spending. Set by the Government. 


Part 2 ends. Hopefully, you will understand and feel more confident in your investment journey. 

Stay tuned for part 3 of Raiz-opaedia easy learning soon!


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