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The Investment Roller Coaster

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For most people, investing comes with a strong emotional attachment. If market goes up, it is easy to feel excited. If market goes down, it is even easier to feel frustrated.

However, it brings little benefit to attach ourselves emotionally to our investments. Because when investments go down, it does not necessarily mean a bad result. We actually have the opportunity to buy more of the assets, but now at a lower price.

This follows the classic investment strategy of ‘buy low, sell high’.

This strategy may not work if you are investing with emotions, hence it is so important to be in control of your emotions when investing. So that when the roller coaster happens – and it will happen – you can consider taking this opportunity to buy more instead of selling your investments in panic. If your only response to a falling market is ‘sell, sell, sell’, then perhaps you shouldn’t be in the market.

Eventually the market will go up again (it really will, because it’s a roller coaster!). The risk, however, is that the market could take longer than expected to recover, and you could be forced to sell before that time comes.

Raiz’s automated tools like recurring investments are so powerful because they help to remove the emotion that usually comes with deciding to make an investment, and at the same time allow you to Ringgit Cost Averaging into the market.

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