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The Great Debate: Which One of This Will Make You Richer?

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Ever wonder what's more important for your financial future: a daily dose of caffeine or the power of compound return? This week, we'll explore this fun (and surprisingly relevant) financial debate!

The Allure of Coffee

Coffee keeps us going, fuels our productivity, and might even spark brilliant ideas. But let's be honest, that daily latte habit adds up! Over a year, a RM5 coffee can cost you around RM1,800 – and that is RM18,000 for 10 years!

The Power of Compound Return

Now, let's imagine you invest that RM5 daily in a conservative portfolio of investment, earning a conservative 4% annual return. Thanks to compound return (where your return also earn return), over 10 years, that daily coffee sacrifice could turn into a cool RM22,787.59!

The Takeaway

The choice is yours: a temporary energy boost or a long-term financial advantage. This isn't to say you can't enjoy your coffee, but consider alternative brewing methods to save some cash. Even small amounts consistently invested can make a significant difference – thanks to the power of compound return.

Make Your Money Work for You

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Raiz is about helping you save & invest more – being able to save 5% of your salary every month is better than earning 5% return. Having a disciplined savings habit can help improve your financial position quicker (than spending time choosing the best fund manager).

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