Set Daily Savings Now during this Puasa Month – Cuba Try!


This month of Ramadhan comes with many blessings. Not only we can focus on performing our religious duty, but we also can save a lot of money! 

Let’s think about our spending for breakfast and lunch for a normal day. If we spend RM10 on both occasions, the total is RM20 per day. For 30 days of a month, we could save RM600! 

That is enough money to celebrate Hari Raya! 

But you know, easier said than done. Especially we tend to overspend for berbuka, right? Murtabakayam percik, air jagung… Not so easy to avoid buying these yummy food...

Something is needed to help us be more disciplined. 

Cuba try – set minimum RM5 daily savings for this month! Click the button below to start saving for your Hari Raya:


recurring investment




p/s You can easily automate the savings using the recurring investments feature. Simply choose your investment amount and select the frequency (daily, weekly or monthly). 

With Raiz, your Hari Raya will be more financially prepared!


Don’t have the Raiz App?

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