Semiconductor shares got a boost this week (weekly ended 23/01/2024)


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Here is what you need to know this week:

Semiconductor shares got a boost this week from a bullish forecast by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC).


What is the forecast?

The main chipmaker to Apple Inc. and Nvidia is budgeting capital expenditure of US$28 billion to US$32 billion and expecting revenue could grow by as much as 26% this year.

  • This outlook offered much-needed reassurance to investors.


What is the impact?

Last week, the world’s most valuable chipmaker gained more than 6% in Taipei share market — its biggest gain in almost a year.

  • Its key suppliers, Tokyo Electron and Advantest Corp also gained more than 5% in Tokyo share market. ASML Holding rose more than 3% in the US.
  • The company’s key AI chip clients, Advanced Micro Devices has hit a record and that spilled over into other US tech stocks including Nvidia.
  • TSMC has fueled a gain in semiconductor stocks from the US to Asia of roughly US$165 billion, based on Bloomberg’s calculations.


Meanwhile, the US’s S&P 500 posted another record high in two days to close at 4,850 points yesterday as tech stocks added to recent gains. Fuelled by hopes the AI boom will keep powering the market higher, the benchmark is expected to stay above 4,800 for long.

  • Bursa Malaysia’s FBM KLCI also extended its gains to end higher yesterday. Its Technology Index climbed 0.3% to 63.43 on the back of the return to technology stocks.


REMEMBER these four things:

  1. Investing is not gambling – only if you know what you are doing.
  2. Don’t let your emotions control you.
  3. Investing is a marathon, not a sprint. Focus on long term.
  4. Every market downturn in history has ended in an upturn.


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