Raiz Rewards: Codashop May Sale!

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Raiz Rewards: Codashop May Sale!


Attention to all gamers! Codashop is having their May sale! Check out these awesome deals by Codashop. Get your cash bonus (or cashback) when you top-up online with Codashop using “Raiz!
Your cashback will go into your Raiz account and get invested automatically.

Just go to Raiz Rewardsin your app, search for Codashop, and click the “Shop Online Here” button. We’ll direct you to Codashop’s website. Top-up like normal, and you will be on your way to get your cashback*.

So, as you top-up for your games, you invest!

*Terms & Conditions apply.

RM4 Cashback!

  • Complete the challenge by spending an accumulative amount of RM70 (MLBB Diamonds) with Codacash.
  • Once completed, you can redeem your Codacash gift code automatically.
  • Promotion lasts until 31 May 2023.


5% Cashback!

  • Top up your Valorant points with Codacash & get 5% cashback.

More discounts for more games!

raiz rewards
raiz rewards
Need more details?

Read the FAQ on Raiz Rewards here.



Want to use Raiz Rewards but don’t have the Raiz App?

Download it for free in the App store or the Webapp here.


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