Performance of Raiz Portfolio Holdings – for July 2023

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Past 12-month change in the value for Raiz portfolios

(31/07/2022 – 31/07/2023)

Source: ASNB, abrdn, UOBAM, AHAM.


Are you on Custom Portfolio?

The portfolio performance is simply the combined weightage return of each fund you have chosen to be in your custom portfolio.

For example, you allocated;

  1. 20% of your investment in sukuk fund; and
  2. 30% in Islamic world equity fund; and
  3. 50% in shariah gold fund.


The yearly performance of the funds is (you can see from above);

  1. Sukuk fund: +4.1% vs benchmark +6.7%
  2. Islamic world equity fund: +15.0% vs benchmark +18.6%
  3. Shariah gold fund: +10.7% vs benchmark +12.6%


Its yearly portfolio return is [(+4.1% x 20%) + (+15.0% x 30%) + (+10.7% x 50%)] = +10.7%.

Its yearly benchmark is [(+6.7% x 20%) + (+18.6% x 30%) + (+12.6% x 50%)] = +13.2%.


But wait… what is a benchmark?

Benchmark is an indicative value of how much your investment should have performed. It is for you to compare your investment return (in reality!) vs its benchmark.


Hope that helps your understanding in investing smart.


Keep in mind that past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future performance.

Raiz is about helping you save & invest regularly – even with small amounts so you can keep the momentum going. Being able to save 5% of your salary every month is better than earning a 5% return. Having a disciplined savings habit can help improve your financial position quicker (than spending time choosing the best fund manager).


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