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Raiz Rewards: Tahun baru, pelan internet baru?

Kini terdapat 3 jenama baru di Raiz Rewards – hanya untuk anda: Maxis, Unifi, dan Time! Daftar dalam talian sekarang dan dapatkan ganjaran untuk langganan anda!

Dapatkan bonus tunai (atau “cashback”) apabila anda berbelanja atau melanggan perkhidmatan dengan menggunakan “Raiz Rewards”  Bonus tunai anda akan dilaburkan ke dalam akaun Raiz anda secara automatik.

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New Year, New Me!

While growing your savings surely takes a large effort, there are some simple ways to start on the path to financial security.

Having new year’s resolutions can be a helpful way to focus on making positive changes in your life and improving yourself across finance, health, family, friends and career (just to name a few). Having a resolution is a common thing people start the new year with. There are many benefits to setting one and most importantly, sticking to them.

Here are a few tips that might help you stick to your new year resolutions:

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The start of the year is the ideal time to make some financial resolutions for 2023. One of the most common resolutions, when it comes to personal finances, is to be a better saver for the year ahead. This sounds easy in theory, but can be harder to achieve in reality. 

With that in mind, here are five simple tips to help you achieve your saving goals in 2023. 


1. Have a concrete goal 

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With the new year upon us, it’s easy to say “I will save more this year” but what you might not have brainstormed is “How can I save more this year? What are the practical ways to go about it?”

The good news is that even small efforts can add up to big savings over time. No matter what you’re saving money for —whether it’s to reach a savings goal, pay off debt faster or plan ahead for a holiday or first home—these simple suggestions will help you get there faster.

With 16 simple suggestions, there is surely at least one that would suit you and will help you stick to your goal or resolutions this year!

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