Invest the spare change

As a Raiz investor, you have already begun your investment journey. You have experienced how by putting aside the spare change from your purchases or setting up recurring investment can bring you a step closer to financial freedom.

Well, now there is a way you can share this experience with your family and friends.

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What is spare change investment?

Spare change investment (apart from one-lump sum and recurring investment) is Raiz’s main feature to help people to save and invest in the background of life. It is automatic and effortless! We focus on spare change because we want to instil your saving and investing habit so that you can keep the momentum going!

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It’s commonly said that it takes money to make money. That is effectively true – those who live payslip to payslip with no spare cash have little to re-invest or save for emergency. However, if you take the time to re-evaluate your finances, you’ll realise that setting aside even the smallest of Ringgit amounts can add up over a lifetime.  Read Post


George Lucas, Raiz Group CEO

Global equities have just suffered their worst week since the market volatility in March when investors finally realised the full health and economic consequences of COVID-19. The market is attributing the sell-off to caution over the escalation in coronavirus cases and the US election, with the US tech titans the latest casualties in this selling.

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We have all made changes to our everyday lives out of necessity or choice because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has touched everyone of us, affecting where and indeed if we are working, how we connect and stay in touch with our families and friends, how we exercise, and how we shop.

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