Microsoft Windows is turning 40 – and here is what you should know.

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Sharing some Investing and Economic insights:

In Nov 1983, Microsoft unveiled the first version of Windows. It only sold around 500,000 copies. Fast forward to today, over a billion people use Windows.


Microsoft shares first went public on 13 March 1986 at US$21 per share. Co-founder Bill Gates (was 30 years old), owned 45% stake worth US$350 million. He now only owns 0.9% stake (but worth US$20.5 billion).


Microsoft is one of the best-performing technology stocks of all time. It is now worth US$2.7 trillion, making it the world’s second most valuable company (who is 1st? Read till end to know 😝).


If you had purchased US$1,000 of Microsoft shares, here’s how much your investment would be valued now (calculations are based on the 9 Nov closing share price of US$360.69):

  • If you had invested US$1,000 in Microsoft a year ago, your investment would have grown by about 57% and be worth around US$1,592.
  • If you had put US$1,000 in Microsoft five years ago, your investment would have more than tripled in value to US$3,408.
  • If you had invested US$1,000 in Microsoft 10 years ago, it would have soared in value by more than 854% to US$11,400.
  • If you had invested US$1,000 in Microsoft when the company went public 37 years ago, your investment would be worth an eye-watering US$5.96 million. Investors who got in early would have turned into millionaires – thanks to the rising value of its shares.

Source: CNBC


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Do you know?

Apple is the biggest company in the world with market capitalisation of US$2.87 trillion (as of 9 Nov 2023). It is also the 1st company to hit US$3 trillion (in last July).


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