“Is it safe investing with Raiz?” Read here.

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It’s completely normal and everyone have the right to ask this question!

With Raiz, not only you can have the access to investment and financial education, but we want to make sure you have that confidence and feel safe in this exciting investment journey with us!

But before that, you need to understand about investing in general.


Investing in general.

Investing is a way to potentially increase the amount of money you have. The goal is to buy assets, and hopefully sell them at a higher price. Assets are things like stocks, properties, unit trust funds, gold etc.

For example, you have bought 1g of gold for RM230. 1 week later, the price is RM210 per gram – so you are at loss. But after a month, the price goes up to RM250 per gram and you sold it. Now you have made RM20 profit. Congrats!

So your investment could go up and down every day – depending on the market movement. That is market risk.


Raiz is Licensed by the Securities Commission Malaysia (License eCMSL/A0363/2020) 

You can check it here. 

Malaysian investors who deal with licensed entities are protected under Malaysian securities laws. They are also protected from various risks, including fraud and money laundering, and have access to legal recourse in the event of a dispute.


Raiz Does Not Keep Your Money 

It is Held in Custody by Our Custodian. Your money is safeguarded by our custodian bank, CIMB Bank, which is maintained in trust account. CIMB Bank is a member of the CIMB Group Holdings Berhad (“CIMB”), a listed entity in the Bursa Malaysia Stock Exchange. CIMB is a respected financial services provider. 

In a very unlikely bankruptcy event, your money can’t be touched by us as it belongs to you. The Custodian will still hold them so that your money is safely returned to you.


Do You Know Raiz Contribute to CMC Fund Annually? 

Capital Market Compensation Fund (“CMC Fund”) is managed and administered by Capital Market Compensation Fund Corporation which was established through amendments made to the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007. 

You are eligible to claim from CMC Fund in a very unlikely event we fail to pay amounts owing to you due to fraud, defalcation or mis-selling which had led us to become financially insolvent. 

An individual investor may claim up to RM100,000.  

Refer here for more info. 

Happy investing!


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Important Information 

The information on this website is general advice only. This means it does not consider any person’s investment objectives, financial situation or investment needs. If you are an investor, you should consult your licensed adviser before acting on any information contained in this article to fully understand the benefits and risk associated with the Raiz product. 

The information on this website is confidential. It must not be reproduced, distributed or disclosed to any other person. The information is based on assumptions or market conditions which change without notice. This will impact the accuracy of the information. 

Under no circumstances is the information to be used by, or presented to, a person for the purposes of deciding about investing in Raiz.