Global markets have been volatile (weekly ended 10/05/2022)

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Sharing some Investing and Economic insights:

  • Global markets have been volatile in recent weeks and fell sharply as investors grew more concerned about rising interest rates.
    • The US’s S&P 500 ended below 4,000 for the first time since late March 2021 in a shares selloff.
    • Technology stocks lead US’s Nasdaq Composite Index to drop more than 4%. Bitcoin, which is trading almost in line with tech stocks, fell to its lowest level since July 2021. It dropped to as low as US$33,000 and has lost more than half its value since it hit an all-time high of US$69,000 in November just last year.
    • At home, the FBM KLCI closed 1% lower yesterday.
  • A Reuters poll and Moody’s Analytics said Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) is expected to keep its interest rate steady at 1.75% during its May meeting tomorrow.
  • At the heart of the market volatility is investor unease. We understand that when it comes to your hard-earned money, it is harder to ride the ups and downs of markets (known as market volatility). It, like the pandemic, is out of our control. However, also just like the pandemic, this too shall pass and in the long run, markets will likely rise.
  • The Raiz philosophy is designed to assist you grow your money by letting you save in small amounts automatically and regularly. This is known as ringgit cost averaging and can help manage the volatility.


Do You Know?

Market Volatility

The ups and downs of share market over periods of unpredictable, and sometimes sharp, price movements. Higher volatility often means higher risk.


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