FAQ – Dividend Distribution for ASNB Funds

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1) Three Raiz portfolios are made of 3 ASNB funds;


Raiz Portfolio

2) When will the dividend be announced?

You need to understand first that, dividend, if any, will be declared by ASNB at their discretion, at any time without prior announcement. Typically, they are declared at the financial year-end (FYE) of the respective funds.

For all the three funds above that Raiz is investing in, it may be announced on 31 Mar 2023.


3) How much is the income distribution?

You will only know once it is announced on 31 Mar 2023.


4) How much will I get? What is the calculation? Is it pro-rated?

The distribution of the dividend is based on the number of units you own as at 31 Mar 2023, regardless of when you invest. It is also not pro-rated.

The dividend distributed will be automatically deposited into your Raiz account on 1 Apr 2023 and will be invested back according to your investment portfolio.



  • Assuming;
    • your Raiz portfolio is Aggressive (80% ASN Equity 3 fund & 20% ASN Sara 1); and
    • you own 800 units of ASN Equity 3 fund & 200 units in ASN Sara 1
  • ASNB declares dividend of 3 cents per unit for ASN Equity 3 fund & 2 cents per unit for ASN Sara 1.
  • Your dividend is RM28.00;
    • ASNe3 = 800 units x 3 cents = RM24.00; and
    • ASNs1 = 200 units x 2 cents = RM4.00
  • The RM28.00 (RM24.00 + RM4.00) dividend will then be invested back into your Raiz account according to your portfolio.


5) When is the suspension period? And how will this affect my Raiz account?

The trade suspension period is 29 – 31 Mar 2023 (Wed-Fri). All transactions – deposits, withdrawals and changing portfolios will be affected and delayed. The process will only resume on 3 Apr 2023 (Mon).

Last day to withdraw before the suspension period is on 27 Mar 2023 (Mon) before it gets delayed.

Last day to change portfolio before the suspension period is 23 Mar 2023 before it gets delayed.


6) When is the last day to deposit into my Raiz account for me to be entitled to the dividend?

The last day to deposit is 27 Mar (Mon) – so we can invest your money the next business day (28 Mar, Tue) before the suspension period starts on 29 – 31 Mar 2023 (Wed-Fri).

You can still make deposits to your Raiz account as usual during this suspension period (29 – 31 Mar 2023), but it will only be invested on 3 Apr 2023 (Mon).



  1. This is neither a capital guaranteed nor a capital-protected fund. Unit prices may go down as well as up.
  2. Past performance of the fund is not an indication of its future performance.
  3. Where dividends is declared, following the distribution, the price per unit will be reduced accordingly to account for the dividends. The value of your investment will remain unchanged after the distribution of the dividends. It is the same where unit split is declared, the value of your investment will remain unchanged after the distribution of the additional units.

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