At Raiz, we know there are many complicated investment and financial words that are not easy to understand. We want to help you learn slowly through some terms that you might have heard in social media, newspaper etc. Maybe you know all of them or you know none, but hopefully, this list can create a new level of understanding for you.

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Dividen diisytiharkan setiap akhir tahun kewangan (jika ada). Sebilangan dana unit amanah mempunyai tahun kewangan berakhir setiap Disember, sebilangan lagi setiap Mac, sebilangan pada bulan Jun – ianya bergantung.

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The 50/30/20 rule is a guideline for budget allocation to plan your spending to prepare you for the future and unforeseen circumstances.

Your budget can be categorized into three simple buckets:

  • Your necessities (50%)
  • Your wants (30%)
  • Your savings & investments (20%)

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