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27-10-2021 (updated 10-10-2023)

We’re glad to see many Raizers grow their financial experience from investing and increase their knowledge from our blogs. Plus, we’ve received feedback that they want to have more control over their portfolio allocations. So… We are excited to tell you that now you can do exactly that, with our Custom Portfolio!


What is Custom Portfolio?

Unlike the three standard portfolios, the Custom Portfolio allows you to set the percentage allocation of each fund in the portfolio.

The funds in the Custom Portfolio are;

  1. abrdn Islamic World Equity (AIWE)
  2. UOB Global Balance – Shariah (UOBGB)
  3. UOB High Quality Sukuk (UOBHQS)
  4. AHAM Shariah Gold (ASG)
  5. Aiiman Growth (AGr)
  6. Nomura i-Cash (NiC)
  7. Nomura Global Shariah Semiconductor (NGSS)


How do I change to the Custom Portfolio?

You can do so by going to Home > Invest > Portfolio.

Need help? Click here to watch a video!

The choice is yours

Our Custom Portfolio can give you more control over how you invest.

Because you need to choose on your own, Custom Portfolio may not be suitable for everyone. You need to read our Terms and Conditions to determine if it is suitable for you.


Is the Custom Portfolio right for me?

As with any financial product, we recommend you read the Terms and Conditions to see if a Custom Portfolio is suitable for you. At any point in time, if you are in Custom Portfolio and want to change back to the other Raiz portfolio, it is as simple as changing your portfolio as you normally would.

Read more on frequently asked questions here.



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