4 Myths about Investing when You’re Young


Most of the young people don’t have a high income but the expenses still not small. When we think about investment, suddenly we feel afraid and have a lot of reason not to invest, right? 

Maybe it is because we misunderstood and feel difficult to start investing. Here are five common myths about investing as young people: 


1. You must be rich to start investing

Not necessary.  Thanks to many investments’ method available today, now you can use only a small chunk of your income for investment. For example, with Raiz, you can start investing as low as RM0.50. 


2. Too young to make investment

Investment is a long game and not suitable if you want a fast return for your investment. Hence, earlier you start, earlier you might get the return. 


3. Too risky to young people

Understandably, young people are very sensitive to price and very cautious when spending their money. The investment seems unrealistic to do when thinking about living expenses.  

Like said before, you must start earlier to invest. To avoid loss and reduce the risk, knowledge is key. It will help you to choose which one suitable for you. Maybe if you are not a risk-taker like other normal young people, you can choose the conservative type of portfolio.


4. I don’t have much time and knowledge about certain market

Not necessary must be you single-handedly know everything, analyze data and pick which market to invest. You can just fund your money according to your portfolio and will be managed on your behalf. 


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