16 Simple Saving Tips for the New Year

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With the new year upon us, it’s easy to say “I will save more this year” but what you might not have brainstormed is “How can I save more this year? What are the practical ways to go about it?”

The good news is that even small efforts can add up to big savings over time. No matter what you’re saving money for —whether it’s to reach a savings goal, pay off debt faster or plan ahead for a holiday or first home—these simple suggestions will help you get there faster.

With 16 simple suggestions, there is surely at least one that would suit you and will help you stick to your goal or resolutions this year!

  1. Treat yourself to a birthday freebie. Most restaurants, if you tell them it’s your birthday, will give you a little something just for dining with them. The key is signing up to be a member early. 
  2. Raid your drawers for unused gift cards. If you probably won’t put them to good use, re-gift or sell them. 
  3. Cancel unused subscriptions for magazines, gym memberships, for example. 
  4. Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth. This can save 5,000L per year, cutting down your utility bill. Also, take shorter showers. 
  5. Unplug your laptop and other appliances when you aren’t using them. Leaving your computer on all day could add up to hundreds of ringgit in a year. 
  6. DIY when it makes sense. Doing major repairs on your own won’t save you money if you end up having to pay a pro to fix your shoddy work. 
  7. Make a list before hitting the store and stick to it—and avoid grocery shopping when you’re hungry and more likely to make impulse buys. 
  8. Buy for a discount when you’re shopping for big-ticket items like furniture or appliances. 
  9. Borrow. A friend may own a black-suit outfit you can wear to an upcoming event.
  10. Get books at the library instead of purchasing your own copies. 
  11. Buy everyday items like vegetables and baby diapers in bulk. 
  12. Make your own coffee, saving you up to RM10 per drink. 
  13. Commit to bringing your lunch just one more day a week. 
  14. Look for alternative activities in your city, like morning workouts in public parks as opposed to subscribing to a gym membership. 
  15. Volunteer. It’s a free meaningful activity and will make you feel good too.


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