Invest the spare change

Hope you’re enjoying being part of Raiz. We also have a referral program as we would like to reward you for introducing Raiz to your friends.

For every active referral, both you and your friend will receive RM10! This offer will last until 30 September 2020.

Just make sure that they sign up using your unique link where you can find your unique link in the app at the bottom on the menu screen.

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What is My Finance?

Need an easier way to understand your finances? My Finance is a free-to-use feature within the Raiz app. It provides you with personalised insights and notifications on how you are spending. Spending is the other side of the equation when it comes to saving so by spending less, you can potentially save more…. Keeping a handle on how spending can help you meet your savings goals 🙂

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31 Mei 2020

oleh Aidi Izham, CFP®, MIFP

Apa yg menentukan sesuatu pelaburan, “patuh Syariah”?

Semua portfolio pelaburan Raiz adalah di dalam dana-dana unit amanah Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad (ASNB), anak syarikat milik penuh Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB).

Tidak dinafikan, dana-dana tersebut ada dua percanggahan pendapat tentang status “patuh Syariah” nya.

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Markets go up and markets go down. This is completely normal and is known as market volatility or risk. The Raiz Philosophy is to invest small amounts regularly, even in falling markets as this can help you to ride out the downturns in the market and is one of the keys to having a healthier balance over the long run. This is the well-known principle of Ringgit Cost Averaging. 

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Either spend or saving, wealthy people tend to choose saving rather than spend when they receive money. 

The distinction between rich and wealthy is that getting rich is just about the gathering of cash. It can travel every which way, and on the off chance that somebody who’s rich loses their cash, they may experience difficulty recapturing that or remaking once more.  

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