App Guide

This App Guide will walk you through on how to use the Raiz app. If you need help with registration, please refer to the Registration Guide.

Home Screen

The values displayed on the home screen include processed deposits and withdrawals, pending transactions and your investment performance.

History Screen

The History or Past screen of the app has two tabs: Pending and Processed.

The Pending tab includes transactions that have not and are currently being processed. These can include “buy” (deposit) and “sell” (withdrawal) orders. You may cancel transactions that are labelled as “Pending”. This indicates that the transaction has not been processed. Simply swipe a pending transaction and press “Cancel”. Transactions labelled as “Transferring” cannot be cancelled as it is being processed.

Keep in mind that deposits to your Raiz account will be processed within the next 7 business days. Similarly, withdrawals will be processed into your bank account within the next 7 business days. If you have changed your Withdrawal Account in the last 3 days, it may take longer to verify the transaction and receive your withdrawal.

Automatic Round-ups

When you register for a Raiz account and link your Spending Account, you can choose to enable Automatic Round-ups. With Automatic Round-ups enabled, the app will track your spending and automatically invest your spare change for you. If Automatic Round-ups are disabled, your spare change will not be invested.

To enable or disable Automatic Round-ups, go to:

  • Main Menu
  • My Settings
  • Spending Accounts (click on the Settings icon on the top right corner of your screen)
  • Select or deselect Auto Round-ups.

Please note that the Automatic Round-ups have a minimum threshold of RM5 which must be crossed before they are invested. Once your spare change has accumulated and reached this threshold, Raiz initiates the investment, and the transaction will be shown as transferring on the Past screen. Your investment will be invested within the next 7 business days.

Round-ups Screen

If Automatic Round-ups are turned on, then your Round-ups will be automatically invested once it reaches your pre-set threshold. Please note that when you make an even whole Ringgit transaction, for example spending RM25.00 at a cinema, the app will round up RM1.00.

Linking and Unlinking Spending Accounts for Round-ups

To link or unlink your bank card as a Spending Account to be monitored for Round-ups, go to:

  • Main Menu
  • My Settings
  • Spending Account
  • To link a new Spending Account, click Add Spending Account and follow the prompts on the following screens. We recommend you to use your bank card which you often use for purchases.
  • To unlink your Spending Account so that it will not be used for Round-ups, simply click Unlink next to your bank card number.

Lump Sum Investment

You can make a lump sum or a one-time investment by going to:

  • Home screen
  • Invest
  • Deposit

Please note that the minimum amount for a lump sum investment is RM5.

Recurring Investment

You can set a recurring investment by going to:

  • Home screen
  • Invest
  • Recurring

The recurring investment can be set up on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

Performance Screen

The first value on this screen is your account value. This is the same value displayed on your Home Screen. The Ringgit and percentage values below it, however, represent the change in the value of your portfolio’s positions (not your account value) since the closing prices of the last market day. This change is different than the change shown on the Home Screen because the Home Screen reflects deposits, withdrawals and dividends, while the Positions Screen does not.

To view the individual funds that make up your portfolio, swipe left on the lower portion of the screen. You can click on Ringgit and Percentage tabs to view, respectively, the value and percentage of your portfolio. Click on a fund to access its information and historical performance.

Portfolios Screen

Raiz offers 3 different portfolios, each comprised of varying allocations of unit trust funds based on different degrees of risk. A portfolio will be recommended to you upon opening a Raiz account.

If you change your mind at any point, you have the option to switch to a portfolio which has not been recommended to you. As each portfolio carries different levels of risk, please note that you may be exposed to risks that are below or above your risk tolerance if you change your portfolio.

You might also consider changing your portfolio if your investment goals, time horizon, preferred level of risk, or other factors change.

  • Home Screen
  • Future

When you deposit into your Raiz account, each deposit is invested into the designated unit trust funds proportionally to your target allocation. If your portfolio gets out of balance due to market movements, your deposits are only invested into the unit trust funds that are underrepresented relative to your target allocation. Additionally, if your account gets far enough out of balance, Raiz will automatically rebalance your positions by selling and/or purchasing shares or fractional shares of the unit trust funds, to bring them back in line with your target allocation. A rebalancing will generally occur when you change your portfolio.